Waiting for the Bog to BLOOM

– Amy Fields-Taylor

Although it is January, and the Conservation Bog is struggling to go into dormancy with the warmer winter temperatures, we are looking forward to March when the pitcher plants will send up their flowers. Once in bloom, the flowers will dominate the bog with different hues of yellow, green, and red, these can be seen throughout the spring season. Sarracenia flava and S. alata will be first to bloom followed shortly after by S. leucophylla, S. alabamensis, S. purpurea, S. psittacina, S. leucophylla, and S. leucophylla var ‘Tarnoc’. From late April to June the bog will be in full bloom and the pitchers will be feasting on insects and bugs to nourish the developing seeds and growing rhizomes.

Once Sarracenia blooms begin to fade, the flowers and seed heads are removed before they can release seeds. This practice is used to maintain the purity of the species and displays and minimize the chance of hybrids dominating the bog.

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