Digging In for Atlanta Blooms

By late March or April, a dizzying display of tulips, daffodils, and other cold-weather loving bulbs burst onto scene. The best place to see these beauties this year will be the Flower Walk, whose display alone contains over a third of the some 82,000 bulbs going in the ground across the Garden. Many marvel at…

Snow Problem at All

When snow blankets the Garden, our team of horticulturists spring into action! In addition to checking for damage to plants, team members help physically remove snow and ice before guests arrive to ensure everyone is surefooted while they visit.

Fall Descends on the Garden

Gourd-geous fall decorations have popped up all around the Garden! More than 1700 pumpkins and gourds of all shapes and sizes are sprinkled throughout but none more dramatically than on the Flower Walk. This transformation, not complete without cornstalks and hundreds of mums, takes only three days to complete.

Riding along in our Bakfiets!!

If you’ve been to the garden recently, you may have spotted our new “bakfiets “or cargo bikes rolling around. The cargo bike is very popular in the Netherlands and is generally utilized as a child transport, errand bike, utility bike, and more. These bikes are able to haul tools, plants, weeds, mulch, and other materials around….

Happy Birthday Earth Goddess

It’s been 5 years since the summer exhibit, “Imaginary Worlds,” first came to the Garden. Its centerpiece, Earth Goddess, has drawn a lot of attention since then.  Here are a few behind the scenes photos. Watch her come together and the horticulture team grooming her beauty!  

Plants Get Cold Too

When freezing temperatures threaten our plants we take measures to protect them.  Tropical plants for summer had already begun to arrive when a deep freeze hit! Known to the staff as “tent city” we covered tender marginal plants.  These will all make an appearance in mid April as part of our annual displays. Coverings allow…

Video: Annuals Switch-out

Switching out our annual flower beds can take H-O-U-R-S!  And a lot of work goes into it.  Here is a speedy video that will sum up what we do in a mere 43 seconds.